What will my event cost:  This depends on the components of your event, number of people, the details involved, and the level of the event. A 1 hour consultation will help to sort out the answers. So it is not easy to give a cookie cutter answer or amount, as each event is individual and will price out differently.

What all will you do for my event: This is a company that does customized events. We will do as much or as little as you want us to do  Being a whole planning and execution company is our specialty with vendor and operations support. 

How can I get what I want done: During the initial consultation and throughout the process, you will be walked through the process and what is involved, what areas need attention and you can decide how you want things to be done. Everything from vendor, to placement, to operation or execution can be talked about and decided for the day of the event per your needs.

Will I have one point of contact: Yes, you will have one point of contact with the company, and again depending on how much you want the company to do, you need not be involved with any other vendors or agencies or individuals. We can work on your behalf on all the aspects.  

How will you cover issues like payment, scheduling etc: 
Throughout the event planning process, we will work on these issues and decide how to handle it, and when . Based on how much service you want , taking care of paying off vendors, scheduling set up take down, deliveries etc will be handled. 

Costs:A variety of factors can affect the budget of an event. Every aspect of the event will affect the cost factor. So, give us a call and contact us, so we can give you a proper estimate based on your needs and level of service needed. At  Events2Please, we will strive to work within your fixed budget for the services we provide while offering you the most cost-effective solutions to meet your demands. If you would like to discuss your event / project with us today, feel free to contact us.