Described by the The New Yorker as “Using her voice in mystically percussive ways” and by The New York Times as “Explosive…Exuberent” Lori Cotler is quickly gaining an international reputation as one of the most captivating and original vocalists of our time. Using exotic rhythms as her muse, she is able to execute with the human voice phrases that do not seem possible in their rhythmic speed and clarity. Lori’s combination of soulful World-Jazz stylings, Jazz Scat improvisations, along with her original reworking of the highly sophisticated South Indian drum language known as Konnakol, has propelled her to performances in venues around the World.

The Jerusalem Post remarks Cotler sings Indian-style chants at impossibly breakneck speed … performed with peerless artistry and in a seemingly effortless manner.’ Even Youtube recognized Lori’s innovative vocal style when they selected one of her music videos as a ‘Top Featured Video’ on the Youtube homepage. It subsequently reached number one on Youtube’s ‘Top Featured Music Videos,’ a worldwide public exposure which has drawn in countless new fans.

Lori’s touring schedule has brought her to far-reaching destinations
Lori’s emotionally charged melodic invention and genre bending dexterity has led collaborations with world-class musicians and modern dance companies. As a session musician, Lori’s signature sound has been used for television commercials. Lori maintains an international touring

schedule with four-time GRAMMY award winning percussion legend and composer Glen Velez in the Glen Velez TA KA DI MI Project. The Intelligencer Now remarks The two will transport the audience … weaving Velez’s intricate rhythms on the frame drum with Cotler’s vocal pyrotechnics. Read more at