Prodigy & Musician

Ravikiran made headlines as the world’s youngest prodigy at the age of two (in 1969). He could identify and demonstrate 325 ragas (melodic modes), 175 talas (rhythmic cycles) and answer numerous other music-related questions. He debuted as a vocalist at the age of five and presented his maiden concert on the 21-stringed fretless slide, chitravina at age 12. He set a trend with a record non-stop recital for 24 hours when he was 18. Since then, "Ravikiran has consistently extended on the musical traditions of India" as observed.

In the field of Indian classical music and dance, Ravikiran is one of the more prolific composers with over 500 compositions in five languages. Among the most travelled artistes in India, Ravikiran has collaborated with top world music stars and is one of those few composers who are active in both classical and world music arenas. His most significant contribution to world music is the concept of Melharmony, a novel approach to compositions ‐ creating harmony with an emphasis on melodic rules.

 Asian Eye, UK
'A musical genius... stunned the world at the age of two... enjoys a global appeal...'